​For more information or to request a custom program, please contact our Lead Educator:

Jill Burgy:  jburgy@ramapo.edu  |  973-835-2160

Our homeschool programs are developed by our Lead Educator, Jill Burgy, and conducted by Jill and our team of environmental educators. Our hands-on programs are designed to expand and enrich your current science curriculum. Field study programs may be scheduled throughout the year and are rain or shine; students should dress appropriately for outdoor portions of the programs. 8 student minimum group size


The New Weis Center is a living laboratory situated on 152 acres in the beautiful Highlands region of northern NJ.

facilities include hiking trails, a brook, recreation field, covered pavilion, picnic grove, fire circle, and rain garden. The main building has a large multi-purpose room, classrooms, and restrooms. For details about usage, reservations and fees, please click the 'Visit" tab above.

An Aquaponics sustainable farming system and hugelkultur gardens will open in mid-2018, and will provide opportunities for additional onsite, hands-on learning.

Staff, led by Lead Educator Jill Burgy, provides an attentive, hands-on learning experience and the applied skills to foster a lifelong curiosity for science and nature.

Our programs are designed around New Jersey state standards, and provide technical skill development while immersed in the natural beauty and ecological diversity of the Ramapo Mountains.

Programs run rain or shine.

Please dress appropriately!

Winter Science Lab Series

Don’t let winter put a freeze on your science curriculum! The New Weis Center is excited to offer a Winter Lab Series. These STEM focused classes will look at different aspects of science in everyday life. This is a drop-off program for pre-registered participants only.

Tuesday, March 20 - 12:45-3:00pm
Math: Nature's Numbers
Students will explore the patterns of natural world. Using both mathematics and botany we will take a closer look at some everyday patterns seen in nature. Class will focus on understanding the Fibonacci series which is attributed to the natural growing rhythm of plants, flowers, or florets. The second portion of our class will include lessons on geometry and where we see geometry in nature and everyday life. Discussion of its importance and hands-on learning about the value structures will be explored. Finally, students will work as groups and use their new knowledge to build their own geometric structures.  

Tuesday, March 27 - 12:45-3:00pm 

Earth Science: Finding Our Place In Space

There is more to the night sky then just stars! In our Space Lab students will investigate different aspects of our earth and outer space, including the sun, our moon, and the solar system. We'll seek answers to questions such as how does space shape the Earth, and how are meteorites and meteors different? We'll finish up with an in class crater-creator simulation!  

Previous lab classes included Chemistry: "Ice-creamology" and Physics: "Trebuchets-Medieval machines". To arrange one of these classes, please contact us!

Lab Series Class Details

  • Grades: 3rd-5th (suggested ages 8-11)
  • Class size: minimum 8, maximum 12
  • Instructor: Lead Educator Jill Burgy
  • Fee: $16 per student, $14 family discount for siblings (ALL siblings receive discount!)
  • Payment is due prior to the class, unless you are registering less than 7 days in advance, and is non-refundable
  • Student drop-off at 12:45 pm, 15 minute introduction, lesson begins at 1:00pm

Additional Homeschool Programs and Field Trips

We welcome homeschool individuals, groups and co-ops throughout the year, and can create a custom program to suit your learning objectives. Please contact us if you are interested in a program or subject that is not listed.​ 

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