Live Wide Guide strengthens individual and team skills by organizing and delivering unique nature experiences that tap into innate wisdom. We work closely with your team to ensure the experience exceeds all expectations.

Our experiences include:

  • Building the perfect fire
  • Learning and identifying the bountiful resources we have in the plants and trees around us, how they can be used as food and medicine and so many other things
  • Hiking through spectacular forest, guided through a deeper understanding of its ecosystem and history
  • Navigating the land without map, compass, or GPS

The Team
David M. Blanke, Founder, is an executive with 20+ years experience leading high growth organizations. While continuously tinkering with new ways to sustain optimal individual and team performance, he discovered a long forgotten solution. By building a deeper understanding of nature, the greatest of individual and collective strengths will emerge, those based on humility, honesty, and trust. Live Wide Guide was born out of a simple yet profound concept: a stronger connection with nature makes a stronger person AND a stronger company. The success of this type of organization and leadership is recognized at companies like Google and in books like Good to Great by Jim Collins.

Live Wide Guide instructors are subject matter experts in primitive and wilderness skills. Our instructors have decades of perfecting skills such as fire making, shelter building, flintknapping, bow making, tracking, and making primitive pottery and weaponry. They have spent years living in the woods and off the land, learning edible and medicinal plants, honing their wide range of wilderness skills, and teaching these methods to individuals and companies.

Book your next company offsite with Live Wide Guide and create an experience that your team will remember forever.