COVID-19 GUIDELINES (updated 1/1/21): We are open for OUTDOOR programs and are following recommended health and safety guidelines at all programs and events.

Masks MUST be worn at all programs and when using the indoor restrooms; social distancing will be maintained to the greatest extent possible.

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We also welcome and provide programs for Homeschool and BPSA scouting groups!

​Contact us to schedule a private class for your troop. Note: there is a 10 Scout minimum to schedule a private badge class; if you don't have enough Scouts you can partner with another troop(s) or let us know and we'll open registration to fill the program.


Scouts have completed many service hours working on much needed garden and grounds work at The New Weis Center, including parking lot and seasonal cleanups, and clean-out of outbuildings. We are grateful to have been chosen as the site for many larger rank projects as well, including Life and Eagle Scout. 
​​There is still much work to be done, and plenty of projects - large and small - just waiting for the right Scouts!

Please Contact us to schedule service hours or an individual or troop project.

Future Eagle projects - just waiting for the right Scout!

  • Renovate 1-room cabins (we have many)
  • Build and provide picnic tables (can be built from a kit obtainable from Lowe's/Home Depot)
  • Build a 6'x6' or 8'x8' storage shed for the fire circle area
  • Build and provide benches for outdoor seating

In-process Eagle projects:

  • 2020: Jonathan Kravits - Troop 213, Saddle Brook, NJ: Build and install 6 wood picnic tables (completed); Rehab cabin #169, including floor, windows, door
  • 2020: Michael Martucci - Troop 133, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Build and install a tool shed near the firecircle
  • 2020: Christopher Roetman - Troop 86, Bloomingdale, NJ: Build and install picnic tables
  • 2019-2020: Thomas Bloodgood - Troop 388, Pompton Lakes, NJ: Rehab cabin #164, including cleaning, repairing window screens, painting, installing new screen door

Completed Eagle projects:

  • 2020: James Vidal - Troop 132, Wanaque, NJ: Create a new seating area on a path near the main building; build and install 6 rustic benches.
  • 2018-2019: Matthew Cahill - Troop 388, Pompton Lakes, NJ: Built Clivus Multrum composting toilet from a kit.
  • 2019: Charles Asteris - Troop 133, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Built a covered woodshed for firewood for the fire circle; relocated and rebuilt the fire ring; install signage
  • 2018-2019: Nick Wheeler - Troop 388, Pompton Lakes, NJ: Designed, built and installed a rustic fence for the pollinator butterfly garden.
  • ​2019: Chris DeMaio - Troop 132, Wanaque, NJ: Rehab cabin #165, including cleaning; repairing window screens; painting; installing new screen door; landscaping
  • 2018-2019: Chris Ahearn - Troop 49, Oakland, NJ: Rehab cabin #162, including cleaning; repairing window screens; painting; installing new screen door
  • 2018: Matt Scherreik - Troop 388, Pompton Lakes, NJ: Rehab the latrine, including repairs and painting.
  • 2018: Ethan Dispoto - Troop 76, Ringwood, NJ: Rehab cabin #163, including cleaning and re-staining floors; painting walls, trim and door; landscaping
  • 2018: Jeremy Strube - Troop 132, Wanaque, NJ: Built and installed a gaga ball pit
  • 2017: Gryffin Leeds - Troop 76, Ringwood, NJ: Rehab cabin #167, including cleaning and re-staining floor; painting walls and exterior, trim and door
  • 2017: Peter Pascarella - Troop 213, Saddle Brook, NJ: Built and installed 10 bat houses
  • ​2016: Joseph Scherreik - Troop 388, Pompton Lakes, NJ: Built and installed an information and welcome kiosk

Completed Star/Life projects:

  • 2020 - Matt Williams - Troop 132, Wanaque, NJ: Install 2 dog waste stations


​​​We LOVE welcoming ALL types and levels of Scouts to The New Weis Center!

Here are some of the program and activity options we offer for the Scouting community:

  • ​Overnight tent camping, with outdoor privy and access to indoor restrooms. Includes firecircle; wood supplied onsite.
  • Firecircle with rustic seating for campfire ceremonies and special occasions.
  • Facility rentals: covered pavilion, picnic grove, recreation field, indoor classrooms, and large multi-purpose room for troop meetings and events.*
  • ​Additional recreation options include gaga ball, volleyball and ping pong.*
  • Year-round scout programs and badge classes (virtual and in-person).
  • Guided nature observation hikes - daytime and night hikes are available!
  • We also have projects - large and small - perfect for your troop's service projects (including Eagle).

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, indoor facility rentals and some outdoor recreation facilities may be restricted.

​​​​Tent Camping & Campfires

  • DO NOT bring any outside firewood, as this may contribute to the spread of destructive invasive insects. Several recently introduced insects - including the Spotted Lanternfly, Emerald ash borer, Asian long-horned beetle, and Sirex woodwasp – can be transported long distances in/on firewood. Once transported into new areas they can become established and kill local trees.
  • There will be an ample supply of firewood and kindling onsite in our covered woodshed.
  • Please review our Camping & Campfire Policies and Ground Rules before reserving, and be sure to follow them once onsite.​

​​Guided Hikes
Our staff is first aid/CPR certified and knowledgeable about the local ecology and history of the area, and ready to lead your troop on a forest exploration. Our beautiful 152-acre property in the Highlands Region of northern New Jersey features a mountain stream, rugged terrain, diverse forest, ruins, and some nice viewpoints. Pricing:
​1 hour - up to 12 scouts: $50; 13-25 scouts: $75. Please call for larger groups.
1-2 hours - up to 12 scouts: $75; 13-25 scouts: $100. Please call for larger groups.​​

Facility Rentals

Our outdoor facilities are the perfect spot to hold your troop meetings and other events. We also offer a discount off the regular, single day rental fee for troops wishing to reserve multiple dates for their ongoing activities. Learn more about our facilities and see pricing.

​​​​​​​Boy Scouts of America

Scouts BSA Badge Classes

(In Person & Virtual)

  • Price: $20-$25/scout, depending on number of scouts, class length and materials required.
  • Scheduling: 2 OPTIONS: Sign up for one of our scheduled badge classes below, OR request a private class for your troop!
  • Class size: There is a 10 Scout minimum to schedule or run a program; if you are scheduling a private class and don't have enough Scouts in your troop, you can partner with another troop or let us know and we'll open registration to other troops to fill the program.
  • Instructors: Badges are taught by our certified Counselors who have completed the Youth Protection Training, including Sr. Educator Sarah Crosby, Director Anne Siebecker, and Trustee Tom Strube. 
  • Available Badge Classes: Counselors are certified for the following: ​Bird Study, Citizenship in the Community, Communications, Geocaching, Nature, Swimming​ (held at the Highlands Natural Pool, which is adjacent to our property)
  • Pre-requisites (if applicable): will be listed in the event details below and on Eventbrite, and will be emailed after registration. If a Scout cannot complete all pre-requisites prior to class, they can provide proof of completion afterwards and we will sign their blue cards electronically.
  • Registration & Payment: all registrations are via Eventbrite; payment in full is due prior to class.
  • ​Cancellation policy: Cancellations requested 2 or more weeks in advance will be refunded at the full price.​
  • COVID-19 Guidelines (updated 10/22/20): Masks MUST be worn & social distancing maintained; masks also required when using the restrooms

In Person

  • Scouts should bring a signed Blue Card  to all classes for our Counselors to sign.
  • Scouts must wear their uniform to all classes, except for the Swimming badge.

Scheduled Classes:

Communications - Sunday, October 25, 10:30am-2:30pm. Cost: $25/scout. Includes pizza!

  • Taught by our certified merit badge counselor and Director Anne Siebecker and other trained adult staff.
  • Class will be part outdoors, part indoors. We will take a short lunch break outside, and pizza will be provided.
  • This is a drop-off class. Parents who are driving from a distance are welcome to stay onsite outdoors on the property while class is in-session, or wait on a bench near the main building where wi-fi is available.
  • POSTPONED - new date TBD


Scheduled Classes: 

  • TBD

Details and Blue Cards:

  1. Scouts must have approval from their Unit Leader in order to take the class; they will be required to upload a picture of the signed blue card to our Google classroom, or forward an email granting approval.
  2. Once the Scout has completed the class, the counselor will send an email listing all the requirements that have been completed. You may attach this email to your blue card, or forward the email to your Unit Leader as proof of completion (in place of the physical signed blue card).
  3. Conducted via Google Meet and Google Classrooms. You must have a Gmail account that ends with "" in order to sign in.
  4. If Scouts complete additional requirements after the class finishes, they may email the Counselor with proof of completion, and we will send an additional email for the blue card.
  5. The Counselor will send an email with ALL instructions approximately 2-3 days prior to the start of class.
  6. Scouts MUST wear their uniforms for all online sessions.

Cub Scouts Badge Classes

(In Person)

  • Price: $12-$14/scout, depending on number of scouts, class length and materials required.
  • Scheduling: Classes are scheduled upon request for troops; please Contact us to schedule your troop's adventure!
  • Class size: There is a 10 Scout minimum to schedule a program; if you don't have enough Scouts in your troop you can partner with another troop or let us know and we'll open registration to other troops to fill the program.
  • Instructors: Badges are taught by Sr. Educator & Naturalist Sarah Crosby and other trained adult staff.
  • Payment: Payment in full is due on or before the date of the class, and may be paid online or by check.
  • Cancellation policy: Cancellations requested 2 or more weeks in advance will be refunded at the full price.​
  • COVID-19 Guidelines (updated 10/22/20): Masks MUST be worn and social distancing maintained. Masks also required when using restrooms.

​Lions (K)

  • Mountain Lion - Become a hiking expert as we learn preparedness and safety for a hike on the trails. Then we will set off to explore what lives in the forest, and how we can respect them and their habitats.
  • Rumble in the Jungle - Bring your imagination to this class and become animals of the forest! We will play a field game, then take a hike to learn about (and become) the animals that we see.

Tigers (1st)

  • My Tiger JungleWe will embark on a hike through the forest and look for habitats that are really big - AND super tiny. Be ready to look high in the trees with binoculars, and crouch down low to the forest floor with a magnifying glass, as we discover the diversity of creatures that call the forest home.
  • Tigers in the WildLace up your boots for a hike through the mountains of our forest, while we focus on some of the most important and interesting plants along the way. Meet some local tree species, play tree games, and take a closer look at the diversity of plants around us. 

Wolves (2nd)

  • Paws on the PathFor this hike through the forest, YOU are helping to make sure we are prepared and know the scout hiking rules. As we hike, we will focus on the powers of observation to discover brand new things, and complete a scavenger hunt!
  • Howling at the MoonWe will fire up the campfire for this program, as we practice our communication and performance skills. We will play team building games, and then scouts will create and perform nature based skits around the campfire.

Bears (3rd)

  • Fur Feather FernsWe will explore many elements of nature during this program - from hiking, to looking for signs of our animal neighbors, to learning about ways humans rely on nature.

Webelos (4th & 5th)

  • WalkaboutGrab your hiking gear to embark on a three mile trail adventure. We will make a healthy trail snack to bring with us, as we reach scenic overlooks and mountain peaks along our journey. 
  • Earth Rocks! - New Jersey is an awesome place to learn about geology, so join us as we take a closer look at the rocks that make up our mountains, and the minerals within! We will find some huge boulders and discuss how they got here, and use magnifiers to take a closer look at the minerals that compose them.​​