Rave Reviews & Recommendations for Sensory Garden and Play!*

Monica Ozden:  Amazing & unique approach to learning! Chantel is so creative, passionate & patient! Her love of learning & nature create a nurturing environment for the children to learn & explore (and get a little dirty!) Wonderful class, can’t wait to sign up for another. Thanks Chantel"

Jennifer Nicole:  "My son LOVES this class! He’s excited to explore nature and looks forward to going weekly. He comes home proud of himself & I’m thankful for a safe, fun outlet for him to get dirty and hands on while learning. Ms. Chantel is warm & energetic. We will definitely be signing up for future programs!"

Jennifer Droubi:  "This program is excellent! My son thrived and it was wonderful to see the progress he made and his excitement for learning each session!"

Heidi Young Rucki:  "Such an incredible program! Chantel is a wonderful teacher who clearly loves what she teaches. This is such a special class that all children should have the opportunity to enjoy."

Brandi Portscher:  "Such a fun time on the book walk!!! I love that my boys can learn, explore, and grow in nature. Today was our first time joining in this program and I was so impressed and look forward to returning. I asked my boys if they had fun and the response I got says it all ”Mom that was Awesome”!"

*Recommendations have been publicly posted on Sensory Garden and Play's Facebook page

Sensory Garden and Play

Founded by Chantel Zimmerman


The New Weis Center is pleased to partner with Sensory Garden and Play, founded by Chantel Zimmerman! Chantel and her staff offer unique forest school programs for ages 6 and under at our Center, including seasonal multiple-session camps and single day programs.

Sensory Garden and Play's Founder Chantel Zimmerman has been teaching since 2007. Her career began in the Newark school system as a 6th grade middle school science teacher, and continued as a 3rd grade teacher in the Ringwood School District for three years, beginning in 2014. Both experiences gave her the confidence, knowledge and perspective to create a program of her own. Chantel is a Certified Educator with the Eastern Region Association of Forest & Nature Schools.

Chantel says: "Sensory Garden and Play evolved deep within my heart as I raised my twin daughters. My philosophy and foundation for establishing  it was not centered around a business model. It 'bloomed' from my own heart's intentions and desires for my children's education, as well as the education of the community I serve. Sensory Garden and Play is part of a revolution in our education system; the idea that a preschooler is able to learn about weather, trees, and nature beyond a pile of worksheets within four walls. It is meant to cultivate their understanding about nature by actually experiencing it, first-hand, and developing a deeper connection to their natural environment, all while playing!"

Contact Ms. Zimmerman:

201-213-4072 | Email: sensorygardenandplay@gmail.com | Web: sensorygardenandplay.com | Facebook: @sensorygardenandplay