Girl Scouts

Badge Classes

  • Length (approx):
    • Regular badges: 2 hours
    • Journey programs: 4 hours. We will take a short break in the middle. Let us know if you would like a longer break to eat. (*see below)
  • ​Price: 
    • Regular badges: $150 minimum fee (up to 10 scouts), additional $14/scout over 10, up to 25 scout maximum.
    • Journey programs: $350 minimum fee (up to 10 scouts); additional $35/scout over 10, up to 20 scout maximum.
    • ​Payment in full is due prior to class. To pay online, click the "Donate" button on the top of this page, pay via Venmo (@NewWeisCenter) or mail a check to:  The New Weis Center, 150 Snake Den Rd, Ringwood, NJ 07456 
  • Cancellations:
    • Cancellations requested two or more weeks in advance will be refunded at the full price, less a $35 processing fee.​ Refunds are not available with less than two week's notice.
  • Scheduling: ​Classes are scheduled upon request by the troop(s); you may also partner with another troop if you'd like. Contact us to schedule your troop's adventure!
  • Instructors: Badges are taught by our team of trained educators & naturalists. Learn more about our awesome staff.​

Daisies (K-1st grade)

  • Eco Learner - We will learn about the important principles for being outside - such as staying safe, respecting wildlife, and respecting the land - and then head out to discover the forest! This badge will help scouts feel comfortable and confident in their outdoor explorations. 
  • Outdoor Art Maker - Nature always inspires art, and for this class we will exercise our creative side! We will be creating paintings, music, and finding art that is already created by the forest.
  • Trail Adventure - We will choose, plan, and share an adventure on our private trails.
  • NEW! Math in Nature: Shapes
  • NEW! Math in Nature: Numbers

Brownies (2nd-3rd)

  • Bugs - We will take a journey into the lives of those tiny critters we all too often ignore - bugs! We will discover fascinating life cycles, behaviors, and adaptations by observing the bugs we find, as well as by creating bug art and playing some bug games.
  • Outdoor Adventurer - This badge is a stream-stomping exploration! We are off on an adventure as we explore the stream as a habitat and learn how to care for it, play some games with a buddy including a miniature boat racing showdown.
  • Outdoor Art Creator - Nature will be our inspiration as we get creative, make some music, learn to be a nature photographer and design our own art projects.
  • Hiker - Let's hike! This badge will teach scouts some new hiking skills, how to choose and pack the right gear, and hike safely while having fun and connecting with nature.    
  • Senses - We'll explore each of our 5 senses outdoors and discover how they work together to experience the world around us. Our journey together will include a short observation hike, a sit spot, listening activity, forest bathing walk, a grounding exercise, and finish with some tea made from foraged plants.
  • Dancer - Come explore the world of dance and find your inner dancer. We'll start with a warm up and stretches before learning a hoop routine and trying some flow arts techniques to get comfortable moving our bodies and exploring movement to music. We'll choreograph and practice our dances, and have a mini-talent show to share them.

Juniors (4th-5th grade)

  • Animal Habitats - Learn about the parts of a forest and how they're all connected! Get ready to hike and look for plants and wildlife, while learning about the forest ecosystem and its functions. 
  • Gardener (Spring-Fall) - Scouts will participate in hands-on gardening in our raised bed garden while learning about how food is grown and cared for. They will also get to plant their own plant to bring home and grow!
  • Geocaching - Take part in this world-wide treasure hunt and learn all about Geocaching! We will create SWAPS and then take to the trails and use GPS to find a cache. We will provide GPS units for the scouts to use.
  • Outdoor Art Explorer -  Nature will be our inspiration as we find the music in nature, learn to be a nature photographer and design our own art projects.
  • ​​NEW! Journey: Think Like a Citizen Scientist* (see below)

Cadettes (6th-8th grade)

  • Night Owl - Are you ready for a nocturnal creature hike, stargazing, campfire, and nighttime party? Join us for this super fun program while we learn about our world after the sun goes down, with an end of the night celebration! 
  • Eco Trekker - Cadettes will prepare for a hike and learn camp skills that have minimal environmental impact for an eco-conscious trek. We will learn about sensitive species and invasive species as we go, and scouts will make their own portable camp stove for future expeditions!
  • Outdoor Art Apprentice - Nature will be our inspiration as we find the music in nature and make our own natural instruments, learn to be a nature photographer and design our own art projects.
  • ​​Public Speaking (taught by our community theater partners from Iron Mountain Stage Company) - 
  • ​​Trees - Find out all about trees! When you've earned this badge, you'll have gone to the root of what trees are all about—and branched out as a budding naturalist. Our adventure today will include making tree journals and tree art, 'meeting' our trees, learning about decomposition, identifying trees with leaves and bark, and showing our appreciation for these majestic beauties.
  • ​​NEW! Journey: Think Like a Citizen Scientist* (see below)


  • NEW! Journey: Think Like a Citizen Scientist* (see below)

*The "Think Like a Citizen Scientist" Journey program (for Juniors, Cadettes & Seniors) is a 1-day program filled with an engaging and mindful observation hike, an in-depth stream assessment, and an ongoing tree (or bird study) project. With a focus on citizen science, the scouts will be directly involved in collecting data and observing the natural world from a new perspective. Our educators will guide the scouts through the badge requirements in a fun and exciting way while we explore the trails and learn about the forest's ecology too! After this journey, the scouts will see that they too can be scientists and help our community through spending more time outside and observing the natural world!

  • For the Take Action Project: The troop will be part of a multi-year study, examining some of the trees on our property, including identifying trees, assessing their health, and measuring their size. This will help us to monitor our trees and gain awareness of their health over time.
  • For the SciStarter project: After the program, you can upload the data from your troop's tree study to the scistarter site, or upload a picture with information we learn about our stream on the same site using this link. We will collect all of the information needed for the scistarter project but it will need to be uploaded by you and your troop afterwards to officially complete the Journey.



Girl Scouts have donated many service hours working on much needed garden and grounds work around the Center, and have completed several meaningful projects, including building new picnic tables, grounds and garden cleanups and invasive species removal, and planting flower bulbs.

We are grateful for the service projects that have been completed by area troops, including:

  • Linna Liaukus - "Silver" project: built 5 Chickadee/Wren boxes and 2 woodpecker/flicker boxes and install them around the property.
  • Girl Scout Daisy Troop #6492 & #6536 (Ringwood, NJ) - re-established a butterfly and pollinator garden
  • Ringwood Girl Scout Service Unit - built 3 picnic tables for the pavilion
  • Girl Scout Troop 96 (Ringwood, NJ)

​​There are many projects, large and small, just waiting for the right Scouts!  Contact us to schedule service hours or an individual or troop project.


The New Weis Center for Education, Arts & Recreation  |  150 Snake Den Road, Ringwood, NJ 07456  |  973-835-2160

Owned and operated by the Highlands Nature Friends, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Interested in programs for Scouts BSA or Cub Scouts?Click here

We also welcome and provide programs for Homeschool and Outdoor Service Guides scouting groups!

​Contact us to schedule a private class for your troop. $150 minimum fee (up to 10 scouts), additional $14/scout over 10, up to 25 scout maximum.

​​​We LOVE welcoming ALL types and levels of Scouts to The New Weis Center!

Here are some of the program and activity options we offer for the Scouting community:

  • ​​​Two separate overnight tent camping areas, with a firecircle, stocked and covered woodshed, outdoor latrines and access to indoor restrooms.
  • Firecircles with rustic seating for campfire ceremonies and special occasions; wood supplied onsite.
  • Facility rentals: covered pavilion, picnic grove, recreation field, indoor classrooms, and large multi-purpose room for troop meetings and events.
  • Year-round programs, including badge classes and seasonal programs (pumpkin chunkin and maple sugaring) and guided hikes (day or night).
  • Service Projects: we have large and small projects that are perfect for your troop to earn community service hours or complete a project.​
Payments and Donations


​​​​Tent Camping & Campfires

  • DO NOT bring any outside firewood, as this may contribute to the spread of destructive invasive insects. Several recently introduced insects - including the Spotted Lanternfly, Emerald ash borer, Asian long-horned beetle, and Sirex woodwasp – can be transported long distances in/on firewood. Once transported into new areas they can become established and kill local trees.
  • There will be an ample supply of free firewood and kindling onsite in our covered woodshed.
  • Please review our Camping & Campfire Policies and Ground Rules before reserving, and be sure to follow them once onsite.​

​​Guided Hike
Our staff is first aid/CPR certified and ready to lead your group on a forest exploration. Our 152-acre property in the Highlands Region of northern NJ features a mountain stream, rugged terrain, diverse forest, ruins, and some nice viewpoints.

  • Up to 3 hours
  • $150 minimum fee for up to 10 people (scouts and/or adults); additional $14/person over 10, up to 25 person maximum

Facility Rentals

Our outdoor facilities are the perfect spot to hold your troop meetings and other events. We also offer a discount off the regular, single day rental fee for troops wishing to reserve multiple dates for their ongoing activities. Learn more about our facilities and see pricing.