The New Weis Center is pleased to be a primary venue for TrailBound Project classes and workshops!

TrailBound Project is a New Jersey hiking & backpacking skills school founded by search & rescue professionals. The motivation and passion come from their love for outdoor adventure coupled with their years of witnessing what can go wrong when hikers hit the trails unprepared. Navigating the woods safely requires certain skills that take education and practice. They developed hiking & backpacking courses for novices and experts alike, outdoor challenges to retain perishable skills over time, and a loyal welcoming community for those in NJ, NY, and the surrounding areas.

Students learn precisely what gear to carry and critical skills such as navigation, trip planning, wilderness first aid, and handling emergency unplanned overnights. TrailBound Project emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning these outdoor skills by relaying them and practicing them in realistic settings to increase initial learning success as well as long-term retention. The goal is to enable TrailBounders to pursue fun and adventure while reducing incidents and filling the woods with capable TrailBounders to help others.

Sample of TrailBound Project Courses

Navigator Courses

  • Map & Compass Navigation 1
  • GPS, Nav Apps, & Hike Planning 1

Hiker Courses

  • Hiking Gear Essentials
  • Hiking Basics & Safety

Self Rescue Courses

  • Knots 1
  • Shelter 1
  • Fire 1
  • Drinking Water Treatment 1​

Medic Courses

  • CPR & AED for Adult, Child & Infant
  • WFA - Wilderness First Aid​

​Backpacking Essentials

​Backpacking Trips

​Bushwahcking Intro & Disctance

​Bushwhacking Trips

​Night Navigation