LJ Barthelemy of Elemental Roots - Aquaponics Farming

Learn about the exciting Aquaponics project coming soon to The New Weis Center! Once the system is installed and operating, the Aquaponics building will be open by appointment for group and school tours to learn about this sustainable farming method.

"My name is LJ Barthelemy and I am a recent graduate from Rider University. Throughout my 3 years at Rider (I graduated early) I majored in Entrepreneurial Studies with a concentration in Philosophy. With my degree and entrepreneurial mindset, I returned home to Ringwood, NJ to see how I could help my community and put my social and environmental entrepreneurial spirit to work. 

By teaming up with The New Weis Center, I have begun my first venture, Elemental Roots, a sustainable agriculture company with a focus on Aquaponics.

Aquaponics is a way of combining aqua-culture (raising of fish) and Hydroponics (soil-less agriculture) to create a unique self-sustaining ecosystem that cleans water while producing healthier plants in a more efficient way. The system I am creating will grow food 3x faster than traditional agriculture, produce 30% higher yields than traditional agriculture, and use 90% less water than traditional agriculture - all powered by renewable energy. We will utilize solar, hydro-electric, geothermal and wind energy to run the system completely off the grid.

At The New Weis Center, I am leading a team of volunteers in rehabilitating a building the Center has generously donated to this project. Once construction is complete, I will begin to build the system with hopes of having my first crop in the fall 2017 season."

Stay tuned for more details, pictures, and updates from LJ Barthelemy and the Elemental Roots Team!"