Girl Scouts

VIRTUAL BADGE PROGRAMS for troops are now available!

The classes consist of two ~1 hour video sessions scheduled approx a week apart, with activities for scouts to do in between sessions. Interested leaders can contact us to schedule a class. $12/scout; minimum 10, maximum 25. We currently offer:

  • Daisy - Eco Learner Badge
  • Brownie - Household Elf Sustainability Badge
  • Junior - Animal Habitats Badge

ONSITE BADGE PROGRAMS (at The New Weis Center)

Classes are listed in the "LINK" book; registration opens 45 days prior to class on the GSNNJ website

Two Scoops of Science (Brownies & Juniors):

​Earn your Think Like a Scientist badge while exploring the science of ice cream! Girls will discuss the importance of water in its different forms and take a hike to see the stream. Girls will learn about the chemical reaction that happens when ice cream is formed and the molecular chemistry terms behind it. After, girls will lead their own experiment and create their own ice cream!

  • ​dates TBD

Launch It (Brownies & Juniors):

Earn your Think Like an Engineer badge and solve problems just like an engineer would. Learn about important women engineers throughout history; use the design thinking process and do a hands-on design challenge activity. Finally, learn the difference between a catapult and trebuchet, and launch something! Girls will brainstorm, design, make, and test their own mini catapults and trebuchets, before we launch our 5 foot trebuchet outside.

  • dates TBD

Brownies - We can also provide the Outdoor Adventurer or Outdoor Art Creator badge. Just choose a date and we'll schedule it for your troop! ​​We would love to host your Journey weekend, camping trip/fire circle or other badge programs! 


Scouts have completed several projects at the Center, including building much needed new picnic tables, grounds and garden cleanups, and planting flower bulbs. We are grateful for the service projects that have been completed by many troops, including:

  • Linna Liaukus - "Silver" project: build 5 Chickadee/Wren boxes and 2 woodpecker/flicker boxes and install them around the property.
  • Girl Scout Daisy Troop #6492 & #6536 (Ringwood, NJ)
  • Ringwood Girl Scout Service Unit
  • Girl Scout Troop 96 (Ringwood, NJ)

​​There are many projects just waiting for the right Scout, so please let us know if your troop would like to help!

We also welcome and provide programs for Homeschool and Baden-Powell scouting groups!

Contact us to request a specific badge or schedule a private class for your troop. Note: there is a 10 Scout minimum to schedule a private badge class; if you don't have enough Scouts you can partner with another troop(s) or let us know and we'll open registration to other troops to fill the program.

Guided Hikes

Our staff is first aid/CPR certified and knowledgeable about the area, and ready to lead your group on a forest exploration hike on our beautiful 152-acre property. Please contact us to schedule your hike.

  • ​1 hour - up to 12 scouts: $50; 13-25 scouts: $75. Please call for larger groups.
  • 1-2 hours - up to 12 scouts: $75; 13-25 scouts: $100. Please call for larger groups.

Tent Camping, Indoor Camp-INs, Campfires and other Events:

  • We offer facilities for Scout group campfire circles, overnight camping (inside or out) and other gatherings. In addition to a large camping area and a firecircle with seating, we have a covered pavilion with picnic tables, a gaga ball pit, ping-pong, volleyball, and a large recreation field.Contact Usfor more info or to reserve!
  • Please DO NOT bring any outside firewood, as this may contribute to the spread of destructive invasive insects. Three recently introduced insects – Emerald ash borer, Asian longhorned beetle, and Sirex woodwasp – are wood-infesting species that can be transported long distances in firewood. Once transported into new areas they can become established and kill local trees. There will be an ample supply of firewood and kindling onsite in our covered woodshed.
  • Please review our Ground Rules and Camping & Campfire Policies before reserving, and be sure to follow them once onsite.


​​​We LOVE welcoming ALL types and levels of Scouts to The New Weis Center!

We offer many types of programs and badge classes (virtual and in-person), guided nature hikes, facility rentals for special events, a firecircle, and overnight camping. We also have projects - large and small - perfect for your troop's service projects (including Eagle). If you are interested in a program that is not currently scheduled, or would like to reserve a facility for your troop's event, please let us know!

​​​​​​​​​​​​Scouts BSA


  • Sign up for one of our scheduled badge classes, or request a private one for your troop!
  • Contact us for information, request a specific badge class, or schedule a private class for your troop.
    • There is a 10 Scout minimum to schedule a private badge class; if you don't have enough Scouts you can partner with another troop(s) or let us know and we'll open registration to other troops to fill the program.
  • Scout merit badges are taught by our certified instructors who have completed the Youth Protection Training, including Sr. Educator Sarah Crosby, Director Anne Siebecker, and Trustee Tom Strube.
  • Our Counselors are certified to teach the following badges:
    • Bird Study, Citizenship in the Community, Communications, Energy, Geocaching, Nature, Swimming​ (held at the Highlands Natural Pool, which is adjacent to our property)


Upcoming Merit Badge classes:

  • Nature- Sat, Aug 15, 9am-2pm. Cost: $25/scout. Please bring lunch. Class will be held outdoors; please dress accordingly. Prerequisites: requirements #4A2; bring log/notes!


  • Pre-requisites (if applicable) will be emailed upon registration; payment is due PRIOR to class.
  • Registration is via Eventbrite.
  • Please bring a reusable water bottle to in-person classes.
  • Scouts must wear their uniform to all classes, except for the Swimming badge.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations for in-person classes must be requested 2 or more weeks in advance, and will be refunded at the full price.


​Current Badge Classes: 

  • TBD

Details and Blue Cards:

  1. Scouts must have approval from their Unit Leader in order to take the class; they will be required to upload a picture of the signed blue card to our Google classroom, or forward an email granting approval.
  2. Once the Scout has completed the class, the counselor will send an email listing all the requirements that have been completed. You may attach this email to your blue card, or forward the email to your Unit Leader as proof of completion (in place of the physical signed blue card).
  3. Virtual badges will be conducted via Google Meet and Google Classrooms. You must have a Gmail account that ends with "" in order to sign in.
  4. If Scouts complete additional requirements after the class finishes, they may email the Counselor with proof of completion, and we will send an additional email for the blue card.
  5. The Counselor will send an email with ALL instructions approximately 2-3 days prior to the start of class.
  6. Scouts MUST wear their uniforms for all online sessions.

Cancellation policy: Virtual classes are not refundable, but you may switch to another class if one is available.

Scouts have completed several important projects at Weis, including parking lot and grounds cleanups and clean-out of outbuildings. We are also grateful to be chosen as the site for many Eagle Scout projects!

Future Eagle projects - just waiting for the right Scout!

  • Renovate 1-room cabins (we have many)
  • Build and provide picnic tables (can be built from a kit obtainable from Lowe's/Home Depot)
  • Build a 6'x6' or 8'x8' storage shed for the fire circle area
  • Build and provide benches for outdoor seating

In-process Eagle projects:

  • 2019: James Vidal - Troop 132, Wanaque, NJ: Build and install rustic benches
  • 2019: Thomas Bloodgood - Troop 388, Pompton Lakes, NJ: Rehab cabin #164, including cleaning, repairing window screens, painting, installing new screen door

Completed Eagle projects:

  • 2018-2019: Matthew Cahill - Troop 388, Pompton Lakes, NJ: Built Clivus Multrum composting toilet from a kit.
  • 2019: Charles Asteris - Troop 133, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Built a covered woodshed for firewood for the fire circle; relocated and rebuilt the fire ring; install signage
  • 2018-2019: Nick Wheeler - Troop 388, Pompton Lakes, NJ: Designed, built and installed a rustic fence for the pollinator butterfly garden.
  • ​2019: Chris DeMaio - Troop 132, Wanaque, NJ: Rehab cabin #165, including cleaning; repairing window screens; painting; installing new screen door; landscaping
  • 2018-2019: Chris Ahearn - Troop 49, Oakland, NJ: Rehab cabin #162, including cleaning; repairing window screens; painting; installing new screen door
  • 2018: Matt Scherreik - Troop 388, Pompton Lakes, NJ: Rehab the latrine, including repairs and painting.
  • 2018: Ethan Dispoto - Troop 76, Ringwood, NJ: Rehab cabin #163, including cleaning and re-staining floors; painting walls, trim and door; landscaping
  • 2018: Jeremy Strube - Troop 132, Wanaque, NJ: Built and installed a gaga ball pit
  • 2017: Gryffin Leeds - Troop 76, Ringwood, NJ: Rehab cabin #167, including cleaning and re-staining floor; painting walls and exterior, trim and door
  • 2017: Peter Pascarella - Troop 213, Saddle Brook, NJ: Built and installed 10 bat houses
  • ​2016: Joseph Scherreik - Troop 388, Pompton Lakes, NJ: Built and installed an information and welcome kiosk

Cub Scouts

We can schedule many programs upon request, including the following adventures. Just give us a date and the program, and we'll set it up!

Note: there is a 10 Scout minimum to schedule; if you don't have enough Scouts in your troop you can partner with another troop or let us know and we'll open registration to other troops to fill the program. Here are some of the "Adventure" programs we can offer ($12/scout):

  • Wolves - Paws in the Path
  • Bears - Fur, Feathers and Ferns
  • Webelos 1 - Walkabout, Earth Rocks (elective)