Volunteering at Weis

We have volunteer opportunities to suit a variety of interests, skills and availability. Here are a few current needs:

Gardening (weed, plant, label, prune); landscaping (create and maintain paths, rake, spread gravel/woodchips, remove debris); building repair and maintenance; cabin renovationprograms and events (planning, setup/cleanup, assist with running programs), marketing and outreach.

Internships at Weis

We are committed to mentoring students through internship programs for high school and college students. Please contact us to learn more.

Please Contact Us to Join the Team!

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteers are critical to our success - and we have some terrific ones we'd like to thank and shine a light on!

Paul Klinksiek
Paul and his family's ties to Weis go back to the Camp Midvale days, and he remains committed to seeing the Center flourish. Paul keeps the property mowed, including the large recreation field. He has also assisted on several event planning committees, volunteered at events, and is always ready to lend a hand.

Doug Ruccione

Doug moved to Ringwood when he was about 5, and still lives there today. He graduated from Montclair State University in 2017 with a B.A. in Business Administration, and is pursuing a Masters in Public Administration at Rutgers. Doug is a formal Master of Ceremonies for area events and loves to hike and play frisbee. In his free time, you can see Doug and his friends cleaning litter from the local roads, and he volunteers at Weis events and helps with building repairs and painting. Doug says: "I first stumbled upon Weis in elementary school, when my mom took me there to enjoy nature. Through weekends hanging around the Center and school field trips there, Weis became a special place to me. When is shut down, I felt that Ringwood had lost another historic gem within it's Ramapo Mountains. When I learned that the Highlands Nature Friends were working to resurrect it, my friends and I instantly offered to assist. Weis is one of the special things about my home that makes me proud to live here". ​​

Jackie Castillo

Jackie graduated from William Paterson University in 2017 with degrees in Environmental Sustainability and Criminal Justice. She learned about the New Weis Center during the 2016 Green A-Fair event hosted by WPU. Since then she has helped with the opening day celebration, the rain garden and gardening. Jackie also helped Weis become a Bergen County Audubon Society "Certified Backyard Habitat". She says: "What caught my attention about the Weis center is their mission and what they stand for. I love how they are trying to educate the public and the younger generation about nature and its importance. It's a great place to learn and get involved, while at the same time lending a helping hand."

Heather Frisbie
Heather moved to Ringwood when she was 9 and lived a street away from Weis for many years during her youth. She explored the trails, caves, waterfalls and hidden places within Weis and it was the love of the outdoors which propelled her into studying the natural world. She continues to reside in beautiful Ringwood with her husband and 3 girls. Heather is thrilled to be a volunteer and field trip educator at Weis, and hopes that she can provide an engaging outdoor education program so that children can learn to love our natural environment just as she did growing up.

Sarah Crosby
 Sarah grew up and lives in Ringwood, and is majoring in Philosophy at Rutgers University. In addition to serving as a counselor at our summer day camps and a field trip educator, Sarah has also represented Weis at farmers markets and volunteered at special events. She says: "I spent many years volunteering as a counselor at the former Weis Ecology Center and now that the center has re-opened I am looking forward to continuing to educate others about the environment. Being able to share my passion for everything outdoors is something special about the the New Weis Center!" 

Ralph Potter

Ralph was born in England and has lived in Canada, Michigan and Mahwah, NJ, where he went to high school. Ralph currently lives in Ringwood near the The New Weis Center. His interests include the environment, green politics, his kids, and the health and welfare of our society. Ralph has been very instrumental in getting the buildings in shape. His involvement with the property goes back to 1970, when the camp was managed by the American Ethical Union. He was involved in a maintenance role, frequently hitch-hiking or walking from Mahwah to the camp, where he made many close friends. He says: "My relationship with the folks on the hill (Snake Den Rd) and their relatives truly transformed my adolescent years. I pretty much lived on the camp for 4 or 5 years through the early seventies, and continued those relationships with everybody through the years. I am very pleased that the relationship with Ramapo College continues; the library is named after my father, a founding President."

Mike Stepowyj

Mikel is a Geographic Information Systems Specialist for the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute. MERI monitors the water, air and wetlands of the Hackensack River Estuary, an important natural resource for various birds and fish. He graduated from Stony Brook University in 2014 with a Bachelors degree in Geology. He is passionate about conservation and learning about the natural processes that shape the environment around us. His interests include hiking, mineral collecting, playing the guitar, and going to concerts. Mike is helping to create custom maps of the Weis property and amenities. He has led a fall colors interpretive walk at Weis, and looks forward to leading other future walks.

Ksawery (Zack) Biskup
Zack is studying Environmental Science at William Paterson University. His interests include climatology, deep ocean drilling, water quality, and bioremediation. In his free time he likes to rock climb, hike, and read. Zack assisted with our opening day, building demolition and renovation, and painting. He says: "I heard about The Weis Center as a student at Ryerson Middle School (Ringwood) when we went on a field trip to the Center to learn about outdoor survival techniques, birds, and to appreciate nature. I remember going back when it had closed (in 2012) and I just felt somewhat crushed, like a piece of my childhood had dissipated. When I heard they opened up again I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer. I know visiting the Weis Center gave me an appreciation of the natural world, which helped shape my future."

Coming soon... bios for more of our wonderful volunteers, including:

Thomas Tarbutton

Sarah Sykes
Laura Flandera

Kerri Campbell