We are proud to mentor students through our internship programs for high school and college students, and provide continued support as they pursue career opportunities, including resume reviews, references, letters of recommendation and career counseling.

Meet some of the students currently interning at Weis, and learn about our programs and how to apply for an internship.

Volunteering at Weis

We have volunteer opportunities to suit a variety of interests, skills and availability. Whether you are considering volunteering regularly or occasionally; day or weekend; using your hands, head or both; we can always use more help! Here are a few of the areas we always need help with:

  • Gardening - weed, prune, plant
  • Landscaping - clear and maintain paths, rake, spread woodchips, remove sticks and debris
  • Building repair and maintenance - lots of old buildings means lots of upkeep; minor and major repairs
  • Cabin repair and renovation - paint (inside and out), light carpentry, roofing, clean our 1-room cabins
  • Programs and events - planning, setup/cleanup, assist with running programs, check-in/concession table
  • Lead or assist with a public program, or help with outreach and special events

  • We are also always in need of donated skilled services, including: general handyperson, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, masonry, tree service, landscaping!


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Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteers are critical to our success - and we have some terrific ones we'd like to thank and shine a light on!

Jeremy Strube

Jeremy has been involved with the Weis Center (then known as the Weis Ecology Center) since he came for his first visit as a toddler to see the lifecycle of the butterfly sign. He has attended many programs here through the years, and began volunteering in 2018. He assists with the upkeep of the garden and grounds, and helps maintain the buildings. Jeremy has recently received his Eagle Scout rank, and chose to plan and build a gaga ball pit at the center for his Eagle project. In addition to his volunteer work, he also works part-time for us after school and in the summer, and is a favorite with all of our Trustees, staff and interns!

Jeff Bower

Jeff has been working with us since winter 2016/2017, handling a wide variety of tasks. He is a retired engineering and operations executive from the consumer products industry.  Fortunately, he enjoys “figuring it out”, as his previous life makes him a skilled craftsman at nothing we do here.  Also fortunate: he has a lot of tools, most of which he knows how to use. (LOL) He says that it is fulfilling and fun to work with the other volunteers and dedicated staff to realize the New Weis Center’s potential. When he's not busy at Weis, Jeff would rather be flying or on his motorcycle riding roads he has never been on. Life is great!

Steve Brossok

Steve joined us in Fall 2017 after reading an article about the reopening of The New Weis Center under a new nonprofit, and learning that volunteers were needed to help repair the cabins and main building. He has fond memories of coming to Weis with his family for Scout programs, so he decided to offer his help. Steve is a retired architect who also volunteers for Habitat for Humanity doing hands-on construction work, and for JORBA working on the biking trails in the area. He has lived in Ringwood for 30 years, and loves the access to nature it provides. He especially enjoys hiking and biking in Ringwood State Park. His work at Weis has included everything from maintenance tasks in our main building, to making trebuchets for our field trips, and work around the grounds. He and Jeff Bower (above) are also helping us get one of the cabins on the property ready to house an onsite caretaker/handyman.

Tara Kolton

Tara Kolton is a local journalist who worked for nearly a decade at, covering towns in northern Passaic and Morris Counties, including Ringwood. During her time as a managing editor and staff writer at the bi-weekly newspaper, Suburban Trends, Tara became aware of the admirable efforts of The Highlands Nature Friends to preserve and restore the historic Weis property. In 2018, she was inspired to begin volunteering with The New Weis Center to support their mission to bring educational environmental programs to the community, and she aims to bring her experience as well as her familiarity with the region to help the organization expand its media outreach and events coverage. Tara has been assisting with the marketing and communication efforts, and is excited to work on the Center's new newsletter and blog. She also looks forward to helping with grant research, historical archiving efforts, and general office operations. Tara feels a deep appreciation for the nature of the Ringwood region, and enjoys hiking and birdwatching around the area, as well as photographing its unique beauty.

​Paul Klinksiek
Paul and his family's ties to Weis go back to the Camp Midvale days, and he remains committed to seeing the Center flourish. Paul keeps the property mowed, including the large recreation field. He has also assisted on several event planning committees, volunteered at events, and is always ready to lend a hand.

Thomas Tarbutton

Tom is an adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University's Stillman School of Business, and a retired Lieutenant Colonel United States Army Officer.   Tom is an avid hiker, history buff and amateur landscape photographer, and his explorations have produced some wonderful photography, a sample of which is on display in our main building. Tom is the former Scout Master for Boy Scouts of America Troop 133, of Upper Saddle River, NJ. He brings that wisdom and experience to the many merit badge classes he now teaches at our Center.

Doug Ruccione

Doug moved to Ringwood when he was about 5, and still lives here. He graduated from Montclair State University in 2017 with a B.A. in Business Administration, and is pursuing a Masters in Public Administration at Rutgers. Doug is a formal Master of Ceremonies for area events and loves to hike and play frisbee. In his free time, you can see Doug and his friends cleaning litter from the local roads, and he volunteers at Weis events and helps with building repairs and painting. Doug says: "I first stumbled upon Weis in elementary school, when my mom took me there to enjoy nature. Through weekends hanging around the Center and school field trips there, Weis became a special place to me. When is shut down, I felt that Ringwood had lost another historic gem within it's Ramapo Mountains. When I learned that the Highlands Nature Friends were working to resurrect it, my friends and I instantly offered to assist. Weis is one of the special things about my home that makes me proud to live here". ​​

Tobin Osusky

Tobin was born and raised in the Stonetown area of Ringwood, and is helping with a variety of volunteer projects, including clearing the grounds and restoring cabins and the building that will house Aquaponics. He says: "I grew up hiking these trails and free roaming with my father and family. We explored mountaintops with breathtaking views, followed rivers to their sources and ventured into caves containing generations of mysteries. He taught me about the ecosystem and its importance to our survival. My brother and I studied birds, newts, and coexisted in the forest with all of its species. I particularly appreciated and was astonished by the abundant edible and medicinal plant species native to Ringwood and the Ramapough Mountains. As someone who works in Holistic Health for a living, I have studied many of these native species that are still used by the mainstream medical industry, such as Ginseng, Goldenseal, Mountain Mint, Menthol and other powerful herbal foundations. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to steward this beautiful, truly magical land in partnership with the Highland Nature Friends."


Coming soon... bios for more of our wonderful volunteers, including:

​Jennifer Cannataro

Jean & Cliff Huntington

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"  ~Helen Keller