Field Trip Themes (choose one)

Each theme contains multiple lessons, to provide a full, cohesive understanding of the topic.


Aquatic Habitats
Students will expand their understanding of the aquatic landscape at the Blue Mine Brook on our property, with a focus on the importance of a healthy watershed and the species that call it home. Activities include stream studies (biotic and visual/chemical), a vernal pool hike (spring), and watershed games and experiments.

Insect Investigation
Learn about the world of insects by exploring the many habitats they inhabit in the forest, using various collection methods, and learning about life cycles and identification. Activities include the fallen log decomposers and microhabitat exploration, metamorphosis games, forest floor observations and a caterpillar stake out.

The Highlands Forest
On this trip we'll take a deep dive into learning about our local mountains, the organisms that live there, and how they interact. Track the evolution of our northern NJ forests and get to know some of the native and unique species found here. Activities may include a biodiversity challenge, forestry plot, square foot examination and a geology hike.

Into Flight
Discover the unique adaptations that only birds have through hands-on activities, learning about the birds that call Weis home, and exploring adaptations like nest building, beaks, and migration. Activities include a nest building challenge, migration station, and a bird observation hike.

Weis Survival Showdown
Every student loves an adventure! We will use engineering, science and creativity to gain an understanding of wilderness survival, such as what to do in an emergency, using a GPS, trail navigation and the science of fire and shelter building.

Teamwork Challenge
This field trip is all about team building, exploring, and building social skills. Activities include problem solving, a scavenger hunt, discovery hike and field games... all with a nature theme. Ideal as an icebreaker at the beginning of a new school year, or a celebratory trip at the end!​

8/1/21 UPDATED COVID-19 GUIDELINES: Masks must be worn indoors.

Sr. Educator/Naturalist Sarah Crosby


Sample Field Trip - times are approximate


Studies show that kids who play outside are smarter, happier, more attentive, and less anxious than those who spend more time indoors.

  • It builds confidence and teaches responsibility
  • It makes them think
  • It reduces stress and fatigue
  • It promotes creativity and imagination
  • It provides different stimulation, and activates all the senses
  • It gets kids moving, which is good for kids’ bodies and can make them more focused

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The New Weis Center's is located on 152 acres in the Highlands Region of northern New Jersey. Features of our beautiful property include:  forest, hiking trails, brook, seasonal wetlands, recreation field, covered pavilion, picnic grove, firecircle, rain garden, pollinator garden, raised bed vegetable/herb garden. In addition, our main building has a large multi-purpose room, observation deck, classrooms and restrooms. 

Each field study program provides unique learning opportunities. Each of our 6 intentionally developed subject themes has 4 lesson rotation options to choose from, based on the length of your field trip, to enable you to customize your program. The signs and impacts of climate change are woven throughout all programs.

Our staff provides an attentive, hands-on learning experience and the applied skills to foster a lifelong curiosity for science and a connection to nature.

Not all classrooms have four walls!


  • $14 per student: 2 lesson rotations
  • $16 per student: 3 lesson rotations
  • $18 per student: 4 lesson rotations

Please Note:

  • Groups of less than 15 students will be billed the minimum $225 trip fee
  • Maximum of 75 students. Larger groups may be scheduled over multiple days, or morning and afternoon
  • There is no charge for teachers and chaperones
  • If you require a raindate, we will hold it for an additional non-refundable minimum trip fee of $225*
  • Fee includes a reserved picnic area for lunch

Deposit / Payments:

After we receive your online reservation request, we will contact you to confirm the date, discuss details of your program, and send your invoice.

A minimum deposit of 1/3  of the total amount is due upon booking; the balance is due within 2 weeks  of your trip. Payment may be submitted:

  1. ONLINE - using the "Donate" button above
  2. BY CHECK - made out to "The New Weis Center" and delivered in person or mailed to: 150 Snake Den Road, Ringwood, New Jersey 07456

Cancellation Policy:

  • Our programs are rain or shine*; please direct your students and staff to dress accordingly.
  • ​If your school must cancel their trip, please note that there is a $50 fee for cancellations LESS THAN 2 weeks prior to the date of the trip.​ 
  • *If The New Weis Center makes the decision to cancel due to extreme weather or another emergency, we will gladly refund your deposit or pre-payment in full.

​For more information, please email our Senior Educator Sarah Crosby at: or call 973-835-2160​