Flow With Nature

Founded by Lauren Lynch

Flow with Nature seeks to benefit the community by bringing people closer to nature and themselves. We teach about the environment and nature through a balanced mindful and scientific perspective. Through working with flow, mindfulness, self-compassion, and the environment, we intend to provide a space for people to retreat to and find peace; while also learning and connecting with the Earth and other people. We will also be making wild-crafted herbal blends full of medicine and would love to offer these to the community as well. 

Mission Statement: Flow With Nature‚Äôs mission intends to help people connect to nature and themselves more deeply through education, experience, mindfulness, and flow. 

Vision Statement: Our vision is of a world where people feel connected to the natural world and  are conscious of the life and medicine that is at our feet; while remaining grateful for these gifts of nature, including ourselves. Through this and flow we envision a world of peace, harmony, cooperation, and loving kindness for all beings everywhere, without exception.

Fall 2023 Flow With Nature Programs will be posted soon!