Archery Discovery Course is a fun and safe way to try this exciting sport. It's led by friendly instructors who will show you the basic skills and techniques you need to accurately shoot a bow. Archery is one of L.L. Bean's most popular Discovery Courses for adults and children, making it a great outing that everyone in your family will enjoy.
After brief introductions and a safety talk, you'll receive helpful advice on the proper technique for correctly holding a bow and releasing an arrow for optimal accuracy and precision. With guidance and support from L.L. Bean's friendly, expert instructors, you'll practice hitting targets with a recurve bow. All necessary archery equipment is provided.

When: Every weekend, May - October
Activity level:  Easy
Minimum age:  8 (14 and under with parent or guardian)
Fee: $25 per class (90 minutes)
Online pre-registration at L.L.Bean is required!  Questions? Please call L.L.Bean at: 888-552-3261

Map and Compass
This 3-hour course is great for individuals new to navigating with a compass, and will introduce you to the techniques and tools for navigating your way through the wilderness.

You'll start with a detailed look at the components of a topographical map, and practice with a map of the local area. The instructor will explain the importance of contour and meridian lines for navigation, and how to read a map legend to locate landmarks. You will learn the components of a handheld compass and how to use and trust the compass, as well as how to obtain a bearing from the map and convert it to magnetic from true and what declination is. The course also covers how to download online topographical maps from the U.S. Geological Service.

This is a very hands-on skills-based course, so you should be prepared to participate in a good deal of field exercises. All necessary navigation aids (map & compass) are provided.

When: Courses scheduled May-October (see for more info)
Activity level: Easy
Minimum age: 10 (14 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)
Fee: $39 per class (3 hours)
Online pre-registration at L.L.Bean is required!  Questions? Please call L.L.Bean: 888-552-3261

The New Weis Center has partnered with L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery School to offer two of their popular classes at our beautiful location