COMING IN 2019: SUNSET SERENITY! An adults-only evening bonfire, with live music and the adorable farm animals.
Serenity is found somewhere between the sky and the land. Find your serenity after a long stressful week in the beautiful Highlands region of northern New Jersey. Experience a beautiful sunset around at our rustic fire circle with some fun and loveable farm animals. Leave your stress behind as you relax, talk with friends or meet new ones. Participants are encouraged to bring a snack and non-alcoholic beverage, and laugh out loud. We will provide smores, chips and dip, and other snacks. Live acoustic music will be provided ,and of course our adorable farm animals. Hang with the chatty chickens, snuggle with a lovely lamb, cuddle with our silky bunnies, quack up with darling ducks… and don’t forget to play with the goofy goats! 

  • Fee: TBD
  • Adults ages 21+
  • Bring a blanket or beach chair
  • Rain date
  • Tickets are final and non refundable.
  • Email with any questions.

"Animal Discovery" After-School Program

Upcoming dates: TBD

  • Did you know that goats never sleep?
  • Where does Lanolin come from?
  • Why can ducks swim in frigid weather?
  • Which is softer – a lamb or a rabbit?
  • How can rabbits’ back legs help them survive?

Children ages 6-12 will have a blast learning fun facts about animals found on our local farms in this exciting new program! Guided by the experienced team from Totes Goats, children will safely handle the animals and play some awesome animal games, like an egg relay race and goat jumping relay. Learning through fun and laughter guarantees your child will leave with a smile - and some new farmyard friends!

Each class will introduce your child to the Totes Goats animal family:  

  • Our lovely lamb  
  • Our Pygmy goofy goats
  • Our cuddly rabbits  
  • Our two darling ducks
  • Our two chatty chickens
  • Our soft and snuggly guinea pigs
  • Our perfect pig

Class will be held outside in nice weather, or inside the main building when it's too cold or rainy. This is a drop-off class, but parents are welcome to stay if they like. Class size minimum=8, maximum=16. 

Instructors: Maureen Morella & Leslie Ulrich. Read about their background and experience below.

Price:  $18 per child, per class

Tickets are final and non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, you may come to another class in the future, no additional charge.


Private Goat Yoga & Farm Animal Parties
Looking for a fun, unique idea for a birthday party, shower, family gathering, scouts or business teambuilding event? Book a private session for your group today! We have a large room and deck in our main building, a lovely picnic grove, pavilion and miles of trails on our beautifu 152-acre property and adjacent state forest. To inquire about booking, please 
Contact Us or email Totes Goats at:


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More About the Goats!
5 of the goats are Nigerian dwarf and 1 of them is a Nubian. These 6 are the ones that are mainly used at the yoga classes, but there are also some goats that live on a family friend's farm that like to tag along to the classes as well. The 8 regulars are named Mini Mocha, Baby Bells, Joeybagadonuts, Mica, Shay, and Coconut, Rasha and Namaste. Tyler says "All of these goats have a forever home! There is no milking or eating of any of our animals. They have a happy and comfortable life with us, and we do not believe in our goats "aging out". Their personalities will not change much, just their size. Every year we will have new babies because our females will be bred, and the babies will come to the yoga classes when they are ready. But the goats that have been doing this from the start will always be involved as long as they are up to it!"

More About Tyler Morella

Tyler lives in Ringwood, NJ. He is a bartender, a business owner and a member of the Air Force Reserve. He previously served in the Marines for 7 years, and is now pursuing a Masters degree in business from Ramapo College. He was raised by parents who absolutely adore animals and passed on that love to him. He grew up with and has always lived around animals, including horses, chickens, pigs, goats, bunnies, dogs, cats, and more. Tyler firmly believes that animals give off an energy that you just cannot quite match! This appreciation and love led to his decision to jump on the goat yoga bandwagon! Tyler says "these little guys and girls can manage to put a smile on anyone's face. I challenge anyone to be around my 6 goats and not smile."

More About Maureen Morella

Maureen has been an animal enthusiast her entire life, rescuing or owning countless animals. She has certifications in dog and horse training, is a riding instructor and has ridden competitively. She has taught children and adults the joy of animals through instructional and empathic programs. Her greatest pleasure is assisting people through tough times by cuddling an animal or watching the wonderment in a child’s eyes when they look into the loving eyes of an animal. She trained one of own horses, Arizona, in the art of therapeutic riding to enable her quadriplegic son to ride with minimal assistance, giving him the wings and legs to have an independent experience that he would not otherwise have. Maureen has run various mentorship programs for over 35 years. She is also an award-winning motivational speaker, passionately presenting anti-bullying and drug prevention programs. Maureen's exuberant personality can get even the shiest person to engage. 

More About Leslie Ulrich

Leslie is a retired elementary school teacher with a fervent love of children and animals, who recognized early in her teaching career the incredible bond between the two. During her tenure in Pequannock, NJ she was awarded Teacher of the Year”, and partnered with parents and professional volunteers to certify therapy dogs and implement a school-wide reading program entitled “Dog Ears”, which gave reluctant readers the opportunity to comfortably read aloud to a non-judgmental canine friend. Leslie’s ever present smile assists children in being comfortable and engaged, and her love of teaching ensures that every child feels noticed and validated. Leslie is excited to join the Totes Goats team and bring her educational skills to their interactive educational programs that combine animals and people.  


Goat Yoga:

Saturday, Jan 5, 4:00-5:00pm - SOLD OUT

Sunday, Feb 3, 12:00-1:00pm - SOLD OUT

Saturday, Mar 16, 12:00-1:00pm - REGISTER NOW!

Come meet the fun and frisky goat family from totes Goats! Come meet a mixture of any of the following; Joeybagadonuts, Mica, Shay, Coconut, Mini Mocha, Baby Bells, Namaste, Raja, Jackhammer, and JoJo. The registration begins promptly at the scheduled time, followed by 40 minutes of Vinyasa yoga with an experienced, certified instructor, and wrapping up with some time for you to take pictures and hang with our lovely goat staff. Any questions please email 

  • Class will be held in our beautiful picnic grove in nice weather, or indoors if it's too hot, cold or raining.
  • Drive in through the gate and park near the main brick building.
  • Bring a yoga mat, or you may borrow one from Weis.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle with a cap.
  • Ages 13+ unless accompanied by an adult. Under 18 mus be accompanied by an adult. Adult is not required to take the class, but must remain onsite.
  • Fee: $30 per person
  • Tickets are final and non-refundable. If you can't attend, you may come to another class in the future, no additional charge.

*To register as a Weis member or redeem a gift certificate, please email us directly; do not use the Eventbrite links above

Coming in 2019: Bunny Yoga!

By popular demand! Totes Goats will bring 4-6 adorable bunnies and welcomes attendees to bring their own. 45 minutes of Vinyasa Yoga and followed by some hang time with the bunnies.

  • Class will be held in our main brick building. Drive in through the gate and park near the main brick building.
  • Bring a yoga mat, or you may borrow one from Weis.
  • Ages 14+, under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. The adult is not required to take the class, but must remain onsite.
  • Fee: tbd
  • Tickets are final and non-refundable. If you can't attend, you may come to another class in the future, no additional charge.